Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Martin Lawrence recently reunited with his fellow cast members for the 30th anniversary of his ’90s sitcom Martin and he’s still basking in the afterglow of the warm reception it received from fans on social media. One of the characters he created for that show was the fan-favorite Sheneneh Jenkins and he’s revealing that he still wants to move forward with a movie idea that involved the character teaming up with Jamie Foxx’s Wanda from the variety show, In Living Color.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lawrence was asked if he was interested in rebooting the series. The comedian expressed that he would love to work with the cast again on another project but he didn’t think a reboot would recapture the magic of the original show. As the discussion went along, Lawrence revealed the project he did want to see and that’s when he said there was once an idea to make a film uniting his Sheneneh with Jamie Foxx’s Wanda and it’s something he still wants to do:

“I would love to see a movie with Sheneneh. We were supposed to do a movie with Sheneneh and Jamie Foxx with Wanda, but that never came about. If we could ever get that together, I think y’all would love this.”

Rumors regarding a Sheneneh and Wanda movie first began in the late 2000s. The idea came as a result of a parody movie trailer for a film called Skank Robbery that Foxx and Lawrence made for the 2009 BET Awards. Foxx even discussed it in a 2010 interview with HipHollywood that the movie had a script:

“The Wanda and Sheneneh movie is officially written. We will officially start in the next couple of months. When I tell you look out, Martin Lawrence is back like you will not believe. So, get ready.”

Despite Variety reporting in 2009 that film production and distribution company Screen Gems acquired the rights to the film, the project never came to be. In 2017, Foxx even commented on Lawrence’s Instagram that he was going to set things up to get production but still, nothing.

I honestly think this would be a fun project because both of these characters are staples of ’90s comedic pop culture and they still get laughs today. Sheneneh was a character portrayed by Martin Lawrence in his titular sitcom. She was his sassy and mouthy neighbor that frequently got into hilarious tiffs with Tisha Campbell’s Gina and Tichina Arnold’s Pam. Wanda was portrayed by Jamie Foxx in In Living Color and she was described as “the ugliest woman in the world…so ugly, in fact, that no one wanted to be in the same room as her.” It was Foxx’s signature role on the hit variety series.

Would YOU want to see a Sheneneh and Wanda movie?

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