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The free Friday Fright Nights movie we have for you this week is the horror anthology Free to a Bad Home, consisting of three stories

Friday Fright Nights

A full Free Movie of the Day is posted on the JoBlo Horror Movies YouTube channel every other day during the week – but on Fridays things get even freakier and a little more fun. Get your weekend started the right way by indulging in Friday Fright Nights! Every Friday, we’ll be taking a look at another genre movie you can watch in its entirety, free of charge, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embed here.

The Friday Fright Night feature we have for you to this week is the horror anthology Free to a Bad Home, which comes to us from the writing and directing duo of Kameron Hale and Scott Hale. Oddly enough, these two Hales are of absolutely no relation to each other. Just kidding. They’re actually brothers, and they run the Cincinnati, Ohio-based production company HaleHouse Productions their sister Kristen Hale, who is also described as being a “special effects maestro”. The anthology movie these siblings crafted together consists of three stories… and is often the case, chances are that certain segments of this anthology will work better for you than others. But the good thing about anthologies is, if one story doesn’t knock your socks off, the next segment might.

Free to a Bad Home is not a movie that hits the ground running. The first two segments are both low-key, slow burn stories. They’re interesting, but they’re not fast-paced pulse pounders. Then we reach the third story, which is quite a stylistic shift, with more going on (and more dialogue being spoken) in scenes that are soaked in colorful lighting. When the bodily fluids started flowing and the body count started rising, this became my favorite part of the movie.

Free to a Bad Home Friday Fright Nights

In Free to a Bad Home, the lives of three strangers – a widow, a thief, and an addict – are changed by cursed objects and those that spread them.

The film stars Miranda Nieman, Jake C. Young, Benjamin Paul Rigney, Tyler McGraw, Roni Locke, Olivia Rose Barrell, Olivia Dennis, Katelyn Nevin, Cody Stayden, Ciera Eversole, Alex Ventura, Kris Kramer, Nathan Hackmann, the awesomely named Hayley Sunshine, and all three of the Hale siblings.

Kameron Hale made a few short films, one of which he collaborated with his brother Scott on, before making his feature directing debut with last year’s “sinister self-help group” horror film Entropy. The brothers wrote Entropy together, but Free to a Bad Home was their first time directing together.

So take a look at Free to a Bad Home – it’s free! – and let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

Friday Fright Nights Free to a Bad Home

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