Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Ms. Marvel hasn’t been welcomed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe quite yet, nor is her comics history as extensive as the other Avengers. This has probably been why she doesn’t get as many skins in Marvel’s Avengers when compared to the other heroes, but Crystal Dynamics still adds some costumes for her in the game from time to time. However, the title’s next big premium skin is for Kamala Khan and from the Magnificent Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 #5 comic.

The Avengers‘ Twitter account showed off this new skin that will be coming to the game’s marketplace on May 26. No price was revealed, but it will likely be 1,400 Credits or about $14.

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This outfit is from the aforementioned 2019 comic. As noted by the cover, the issue highlights her getting a new costume, which is fitting in the context of said costume being added to the game. The suit from the previous issue is like the basic one she has in the base game.

Crystal Dynamics recently gave out a cosmic skin for free for Ms. Marvel to celebrate Ramadan. She has yet to get her MCU skin, but that will likely come in the next few months as the Disney+ show ramps up.

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The game’s next hero, Lady Thor, is still being worked on, but players will likely have to get by with just costumes and small updates until then. Some fans have been complaining about the lack of big updates, which seems to at least partially come from the allegedly delayed hero, She-Hulk. The aforementioned leaker mmmmmmmmiller said that she was supposed to come out before Lady Thor, but was moved around to better line up with the MCU.

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