Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Kenny Loggins danger zone

As a major fan of the 1986 classic Top Gun, I was psyched to learn that Top Gun: Maverick makes pretty significant use of the Kenny Loggins classic “Danger Zone.” But, it turns out that the singer behind the 1986 smash off the Top Gun soundtrack actually had no idea if the song would show up in the sequel until Tom Cruise himself promised it would be. According to a THR interview, the two appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live about four years ago when Loggins finally mustered up the courage to ask whether “Danger Zone” was in or out of the sequel. According to Loggins, Cruise assured him that it would not be Top Gun without “Danger Zone”. As Loggins explains, “I thought maybe he was trying to be nice, but he meant it, and I was very pleased.”

For those who don’t know, Kenny Loggins was the king of 1980’s movie soundtracks, singing “I’m Alright” for Caddyshack, the title song for Footloose, “Danger Zone”, “Meet Me Halfway” from Over the Top and more. According to Loggins, “Danger Zone” wasn’t always trendy, with him explaining, “Danger Zone” went out of fashion for a long period of time. It was really big for a year or two after the movie, and then sort of moved out. Shows like [FX’s] Archer made “Danger Zone” fun again.”

Loggins has been front and center during the promotional stops for Top Gun: Maverick, even showing up at the recent, glitzy premiere. For more from Loggins, make sure to pick up his memoir, “Still Alright,” when it hooks bookstores on June 14th. And, of course, Top Gun: Maverick hits theatres tomorrow. Check out our rave review below, and rev up those engines. We’re on the highway to the Danger Zone!

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