Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

During an interview with ComingSoon about his most recent film, Hero Fiennes Tiffin discussed the impact that his role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had on his career.

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“I think, secretly, it was so good for me because, for me, the stakes weren’t high — I was doing it for days off school,” Tiffin said, clarifying that he does indeed love Harry Potter. “But then once I was there, Michael Gambon, between takes, talking about his new Audi RA and just having fun, David Yates is just an incredible people person. And even at that age, I felt like he was on my level, just talking to me as a friend, it didn’t feel at all overwhelming or like I had to get it right. And I think that led me on to be in a position, when I was doing auditions or other roles, to not put so much pressure on myself.”

The young actor went on to describe how being a part of such a major franchise so early on in his career was beneficial to his confidence and ended up relieving him of some of the pressure involving his career going forward.

“So I think to do something so big at such a young age, before I realized how important and how much pressure there was and how high the stakes are … I think that really set me up well to be a bit more confident and comfortable and relaxed moving forward.”

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Tiffin, who has starred in the After franchise in recent years, most recently appeared in the film First Love, a romantic drama that is now available in theaters and on-demand.

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