Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

The world of heavy metal music is no stranger to the type of lore-driven storytelling that envelops all of modern pop culture. Even so, no amount of interesting makeup and liner notes about the depths of hell can make the crossover of Slipknot and mythology-based MOBA Smite a typical occurrence. While the game has recruited everyone from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the cast of Stranger Things in recent times, adding the masked rockers who gained popularity with edgelords everywhere decades ago is taking things to another level.

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As with their other crossovers, each Slipknot member will slip into the boots of an existing god in the game and give their move set a distinctly satanic vibe. Players can collect Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones, Michael Pfaff, clown, Jay Weinberg, Mick Thomson, Jim Root, and Alessandro Venturella via the in-game store through individual purchases. Buying three band members will also unlock a Slipknot Music Theme that adds snippets from the band’s most popular hits to your trips to the battleground.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get a head start on the pack with a free Slipknot Starter Pass. This includes the three gods that the members of Slipknot possess in-game as well as voice packs for those characters, a 30-day account booster, and a Deal of the Day token.

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Elsewhere in the world of Smite, the game’s console iterations are getting access to the Classic Conquest map, a previously PC-only experience that is part of the Smite Night feature. Each Saturday, the game will have interesting new modes to conquer that offer free rewards to players who show up. There’s also a new Blast from the Past Battle Pass that gives console players a selection of skins from the game’s history for a one-time fee and the time it takes to complete some matches. They won’t be as exciting as Clown, but newer players will relish this opportunity to collect some previously unattainable cosmetic bling.

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