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Prime Video has ordered The Terminal List Season 2, but when is it coming and what will it be about? Here’s everything we know!

Prime Video recently revealed, after months of speculation, that it would be going ahead with The Terminal List Season 2. They also announced they have big plans for the extended universe, with Taylor Kitsch’s character, Ben Edwards, also set to get a spin-off prequel series.

Here’s everything we know about The Terminal List Season 2 and beyond.

What book will The Terminal List Season 2 be based on?

Author Jack Carr previously revealed that the second season, were it to happen, would be based on his novel True Believer. In it, the American government offers Chris Pratt’s James Reece a deal. As the first season ended, he was among the world’s most wanted fugitives, as he’s technically a domestic terrorist. Yet, when a London holiday fair is attacked, Reese winds up having a connection to a shadowy Iraqi commando that the government needs, leading to them cutting him a deal.

What about James Reece’s cancer?

If the series follows the books, Reece will eventually undergo cancer to remove his tumour, but in the books, this didn’t happen until the third instalment, Savage Son. Given that the books are still being written, you can reasonably assume he survives.

Who will play Raife Hastings?

In the books, raise Hastings is a South African-born former SEAL, and at the end of Terminal List Season 1, Reece is on his way to see him in Mozambique. The character is supposed to be a lot like Reese in some ways, so it might make sense to cast another of the Chris’s, with Chris Hemsworth the popular choice online. However, the role might be too close to his role in the Extraction movies. Alexander Skarsgard is another popular choice.

Will Constance Wu return?

The character Constance Wu played, Katie Buranek, survives the bloodbath ending Terminal List Season 1 and returns as a significant character in the third novel, Savage Son. It’s possible Wu might sit out the next series (or have a smaller role) but one could reasonably assume she’ll be back at some point.

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Will Taylor Kitsch’s Ben Edwards be back? (SPOILERS)

Given how The Terminal List Season 1 ended, with Reece killing Kitsch’s Ben Edwards after learning he betrayed his team and was responsible for the chaos that killed his family, I don’t think you’ll see him come back. But, Prime Video seems keen on exploring what made Edwards compromise himself so thoroughly, with them announcing that a Ben Edwards prequel series will (per Deadline) “explore Ben’s journey from Navy SEAL to CIA paramilitary operator, exploring true darker side of warfare and the human cost that comes with it.”

When will The Terminal List Season 2 air?

Don’t expect to see The Terminal List Season 2 anytime soon. While it’s been given the green light, these adaptations of Carr’s novels are intricate given their reliance on action. No casting has happened yet, so It’s unlikely we’ll see the show return in 2023. Read our review of the first season here!

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