Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Oscar Isaac is now starring in the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse as the fierce Spider-Man 2099. Outside of his many exceptional live-action roles, the actor has given some incredible voice performances over the years. To celebrate his newest major release, let’s take a look at the best Oscar Isaac voice acting performances.

Gomez Addams — The Addams Family

There are quite a few different takes on the patriarch of The Addams Family — including Raul Julia‘s incredible live-action portrayal from the 90s — but Oscar Isaac manages to carve out his own version thanks to his distinct and smooth voice.

Since the character is famously charming, not just anybody could pull it off — especially since this animated version is based on the more cartoony comic character’s design. Even then, Isaac’s suave delivery makes you completely believe he’s this ghoulish Casanova, which makes him stand out even amongst the other famous Gomezes.

Spider-Man 2099 — Spider-Verse Series

As soon as audiences heard Isaac speaking as the futuristic Spider-Man Miguel O’Hara in Into the Spider-Verse’s post-credits scene, they were ready to see him flourish in the Spider-Verse sequel. Now that it’s here, fans are thrilled to see Spider-Man 2099 tearing it up in his multiversal battle with Miles Morales. Though he looks a bit different than he did in the post-credits scene, the character is no less impressive this time around.

There’s an intensity to Isaac’s performance as Spider-Man 2099 that makes him a truly imposing presence. Even then, there’s an element of earnest care present that reminds you that this isn’t some supervillain — it’s another Spider-Man trying to do the right thing. Without a doubt, Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099 is one of the best Oscar Isaac voice acting performances.

Sydney Pollack — The Last Movie Stars

Originally set to debut on CNN+, the Max Original series (which was executive produced by Martin Scorsese) made waves. The Last Movie Stars dramatizes transcriptions of interviews and ended up being a massive hit.

Isaac played Sydney Pollack in Emily Wachtel and Ethan Hawke’s limited documentary series, starring alongside incredible fellow performers like Laura Linney, George Clooney, and Mark Ruffalo. Isaac’s take on Pollack — the director of famous movies like The Way We Were and Tootsie — impressed audiences, making it a strong part of the popular series.

Peter Roiter — Case 63

Released in 2022, Case 63 has Oscar Isaac voice act alongside the legendary Julianne Moore in an interesting science-fiction story that serves as an English language remake of the Chilean podcast Caso 63.

Isaac plays apparent time traveler Peter Roiter — a man from Essex who claims he was born in 2023. Roiter and Moore’s Dr. Eliza Beatrix Knight go back in forth in therapy sessions as they try to get to the bottom of Roiter’s time travelling claims. Isaac comes off as incredibly honest despite his character’s wild claims, making for an impressive performance in the Spotify Original audio series.

Poe Dameron — Star Wars: Resistance

One of the highlights of Disney’s Star Wars trilogy was Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron. The daring pilot had a roguish charm that made him easy to root for, so seeing the actor take on the role again in an animated setting was an exciting prospect. He even gets to take on the underused antagonist Captain Phasma in the series, which is a huge moment for the character in general.

Seeing Poe take part in adventures beyond the main movies was a lot of fun, even if Resistance on the whole isn’t as strong as The Clone Wars or Rebels. Dameron’s appearances were a highlight — largely thanks to Isaac — making Star Wars: Resistance‘s Poe Dameron one of the best Oscar Isaac voice acting performances.

By Dave Jenks

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