Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

The friendship between actor Norman Reedus and game designer Hideo Kojima is a well-noted one, and recently, the pair took to social media, with Kojima jokingly “punishing” Reedus.

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Kojima took to Twitter over the weekend and shared a series of photos of himself and Reedus, with Kojima holding “Lucille,” a bat that belongs to The Walking Dead character Negan. In the photos, Kojima can be seen standing behind Reedus, who is on his knees and cowering as Kojima jokingly pretends to ready to swing down at him, with a caption that reads “Go to your private room, my friend.” Private rooms in Death Stranding are where the player goes to recover and catch their breath between deliveries.

While the photos are most likely just two friends clowning around with one another, they can also be taken as a bit of a joke on the fact that Reedus recently unintentionally and prematurely confirmed that a second Death Stranding game was in the works. The actor — who starred as Sam Porter Bridges — recently let it slip that they “just started the second one” in an interview with Leo Edit, news that took the gaming world by storm and led fans to speculate on what a sequel might look like.

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Originally released in 2019, Death Stranding launched to generally favorable reviews, with praise for its voice acting, directing, visuals, and soundtrack as the main standouts of the game. As of July 2021, the title has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, and is now available across a variety of platforms, including a Director’s Cut version (which isn’t included in that 5 million) of the game that released on the PlayStation 5 last year and on PC in March 2022.

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