Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Fans might see more adventures for Claire and Kayla.

Ahead of the Jurassic World Dominion extended edition release, ComingSoon Senior Editor Tudor Leonte spoke with Bryce Dallas Howard and DeWanda Wise about their roles in the movie. Both actresses stated they would be willing to reprise their characters like Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill did nearly two decades after Jurassic Park.

Tudor Leonte: Bryce, the Jurassic World Dominion extended edition shows even more footage of Claire’s thrilling rooftop chase with the Raptor. How is it for you to shoot that scene?

Bryce Dallas Howard: Oh my gosh. Well, it’s so wonderful to get to be releasing the extended edition here in Malta because so much of the movie takes place in Malta, and there is that incredible sequence that includes both of us and Chris being chased around the city. It’s great to see all those additional moments, but it’s just especially meaningful that the scenes from the original movie have been restored. By the time you’re in Malta, you feel all the more intense, and you feel the stakes because we’ve seen the beginning of the movie. It was a really, really, really exciting sequence to get to watch now being a part of the extended edition, ’cause it feels even more exciting and thrilling.

I qualify that as a badass moment, and speaking of badass moments, DeWanda, your character, Kayla, has plenty of them. I would like to hear your favorite moment from the movie. 

DeWanda Wise: It was just everything about it. I feel like I would show up on the set sometimes, and there’s the movie that’s on the page, and then you’re in production, and there’s like, there’s so many versions of the movie that happens. And Colin just kept adding moments, man. He just kept adding these moments. The one that cracks me up, ’cause it still cracks me up, is there’s this moment where all of our heroes are together, they just escaped, uh, the Giganotosaurus, maybe. Yeah. Like they think they just escaped…

Howard: For like the second time.

Wise: They think they escaped it. It’s like a full team press, you know? You just see Kayla grab this enormous, very heavy tranquilizer gun off the wall and pull it up with one arm. That was all Colin Trevorrow. He said, ‘Okay, DeWanda, here’s what we’re gonna do now.’ I was like, ‘Is that what we’re gonna go?’

Howard: He’s like, ‘Get ready for the hero moment.’

Wise: So that one cracks me up ’cause it’s one of those things where when I’ve been in the theater watching, it was just creeping.

Howard: It’s amazing, and I cheer every single time when I see that. You’re so relaxed, and you grab it, and you turn around and…

Wise: Pratt was like, ‘Slow is fast. Slow is fast.’ You gotta see all the motions of it. Then, you just see the thing slide across, and then they see you, and then they see him, and it’s just like, ugh! I love that sequence.

Now that you mentioned the cast reuniting for that scene, Jurassic World Dominion also saw the return of some original Jurassic Park characters. Would you be interested in reprising your characters somewhere in the future the same way the protagonists of the first one? 

Howard: Yes. That’s such a special thing, and it’s so rare for an actor to get to experience that, to revisit a character again and again. In addition to that, it’s like decades between…

Wise: And to really think like, ‘What, what has happened?’ It’s one thing to build a character backstory and more to like have built one the first time and then like constructing like, ‘Oh right, what happened after that?’ because all of us had such ownership, you know? If you talk to Laura Dern about Ellie Satler and what happened, in that space between [Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Dominion], it’s just amazing. It’s really cool.

By Dave Jenks

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