Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Square Enix has put out a few gameplay trailers for Forspoken, but now it has released the longest and most detailed one. This newest video clocks in at over 10 minutes and is full of different magically infused parkour and combat gameplay.

Square also posted a blog post further detailing what happens in the trailer. Fish out of water protagonist Frey can visit Cipal, the last town that’s safe from a corruption known as the Break. She can take on side quests, talk to NPCs, and trade with merchants in this town, which is fairly typical for most role-playing games. There are even cats strewn about that guide players to points of interest.

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She is somehow unaffected by the corruption, so she can go out and traverse the lands outside of Cipal and show off her parkour skills. Magic plays a big part of getting around, as she can summon elemental hoverboards to slide on, swing around with giant tethers like Spider-Man, run faster than any human, and jump incredibly high. The aforementioned blog post notes that these moves can be chained together to “flow” through the world. Skilled players can zip around and unlock treasure chests full of valuable resources or nab mana used for leveling up. There are also belfries that seem like Ubisoft towers that unlock areas of the map and safe houses that let players craft gear and rest.

Combat appears to use these same powers, but in a more offensive way. Frey can summon different spells from a wheel and flood the screen with different ranged and melee attacks that can lay traps, do area-of-effect damage, manipulate enemies, and more. It seems fast paced like the parkour and even grades her performance like a Devil May Cry game. Enemies can range from humanoid foes to animals to monsters, who have all been damaged by the Break.

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Square Enix noted that it has more to share in the coming months before its January 24 release on PlayStation 5 and PC. The game was originally slated for May 2022 before being pushed to October. It was then delayed once more to its current date and Square called it a “strategic decision” that it came to after talking with its “key partners.” It seems possible that this PS5 console-exclusive game was moved in order to let Sony’s other PS5 games like The Last of Us Part I and God of War Ragnarök breathe, but Square Enix was not more specific.

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