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The Boys has proven to be an over-the-top look at super heroics that don’t shy away from the idea of pushing all the envelopes. The Amazon Prime series is gorier than most horror films and has no problem showing male and female nudity. For a show in its third season, it still finds a way to shock and amaze its audience. Since it is based on a comic book series, it’s not a surprise that most of the season is chock-full of easter eggs of some sort. Here is a rundown of The Boys season 3 easter eggs.

Warning: There will be spoilers for all seasons of The Boys and for The Boys comics!!!

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

V​ote for Robert Singer

A​ctor Jim Beaver shows up this season playing a political candidate named Robert Singer running for President. Throughout the season we see political ads, posters, and Homelander even speaking at one of his rallies. For fans of Supernatural, you must have been giggling to yourself as Jim played a character on that show named Bobby Singer. His character’s nickname on The Boys is Robert “Dakota Bob” Singer. Bobby Singer lived in South Dakota. This of course is all because Eric Kripke developed both shows and wanted to have some fun since Jensen Ackles was guest starring this season.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

G​en V

W​hen Hughie heads to the Red River Institute, he copies all the resident files off their network. On-screen is actress Jazz Sinclair who will be starring in the upcoming The Boys spin-off called Gen V. This sets up her origin story and shows that Red River Institute may play a big role in the upcoming series. The show will follow a younger generation of Supes. This would tie into the reveal in earlier episodes that Supes are being created by injecting Compound V into babies.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

T​eddy Stillwell

W​hile at Red River, Hughie sees a lot of children with supe powers. One of them is a young child that can teleport. His name is Teddy Stillwell. He is the son of Madelyn Stillwell who was the object of Homelander’s affection in season 1. She did not meet a good end and Teddy ended up at Red River. Hopefully, he lives a better life than his mother ended up living. It’s a great call back to season 1. This show is great at putting in easter eggs for The Boys season 3.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

T​urbo Rush

T​hroughout season 3 we see A-Train gets pushed to do more for his community. The series adds in the sadly very real issue of the African American community being killed by law enforcement. They up it by adding superheroes into the mix and A-Train tries to push Vought to let him do more to condemn such violence. They keep brushing him off but in Episode 4 we see a commercial that seems to show that they have decided to take A-Train up on his plan. He stops a crowd of protesters from being attacked by police.

We think it might be a Public Service Announcement condemning violence. Well, it turns out it’s just a commercial for his energy drink Turbo Rush. This entire commercial is a parody of a Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner where she stops a confrontation between protesters and police by giving an officer a can of Pepsi. The commercial spot was called tone-deaf and controversial at the time and it was quickly pulled. Weirdly this fits perfectly in The Boys universe but the fact it’s making fun of a real commercial makes it even funnier.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs


W​hen the group breaks into the Russian plant searching for the hidden weapon to kill Homelander, the group has to fend off some guards after an alarm gets tripped. When Mother Milk kills one of the Russian Guards he yells out “Red Dawn, [email protected]+%&# F&@$*#!” This is a reference to the 1984 film Red Dawn (not the terrible remake from a few years ago). In that film, a group of high school students has to become rebel soldiers when Russia invades part of the United States. Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, and Jennifer Grey played the high school teens who took to yelling their high school mascot’s name after successfully attacking Russian soldiers. Go Wolverines!

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

S​weets For The Sweet

L​ittle Nina brings Kimiko a gift when she is in the hospital. For Kimiko’s sweet tooth she brings her some chocolate limes. In the comics, it was Frenchie who brings her the chocolate limes when she is in a coma. As she lays in her coma Hughie tries to take one and this is what wakes her up. She ends up breaking Hughie’s arm just as she did earlier in the season although in that case, he asked her to. It’s a small The Boys Season 3 Easter Egg but it is a touching one.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs


V​ought once again does their best to show how ridiculous real life is by having The Deep start a social media video showing celebrities singing John Lennon’s Imagine. In the group of celebrities, we see Patton Oswalt, Josh Gad, Elizabeth Banks, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Kumail Nanjiani, Rose Byrne, and Black Noir ending it with a Bob Dylan inspired silent sign waving performance.

This is of course a parody of the real-life video that Gal Gadot started of celebrities singing the same song to show solidarity at the beginning of the pandemic. It was said to have been in poor taste as it’s easy for rich celebrities to isolate themselves in their big houses while most of the country had to still find a way to go to work and pay their bills. Again this fits perfectly in The Boys universe but the fact that it’s a parody of a real event makes it even funnier.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

H​erogasm Catering

T​he Herogasm episode of season 3 is something that the fans of the comic had been waiting for. They wondered how it was going to happen since it’s so graphic. Let’s just politely say that it’s known for a bunch of Supes who get together once a year to . . . blow off some steam in some very adult situations. But from the looks of it, they hired the same catering company from the Starz cult series Party Down. The servers are wearing the same outfit that the crew wore on that show.

I​f you haven’t seen Party Down it was a two-season series that told the lives of employees of a catering company but each episode only took place at a catering job. You never saw the characters much outside of their work. The series starred Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Lizzie Caplan, Jane Lynch, and Megan Mullally. Worth tracking down.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

T​he Legend

F​ans of the comic were wondering if we were ever going to see The Legend on the TV show. This season he finally arrived. The Legend was a comics writer who created comic books based on the Supes. He would craft their stories as a sort of PR campaign to make them look good. In reality, he knew all of their dirty little secrets and would end up being an informant for Butcher and the gang. The comic version of the character is a satire on real-life comics hero Stan Lee.

F​or the TV show they changed him into a movie producer who filled the same role. Paul Rieser plays the character and helps the group get Soldier Boy back on his feet before they let him loose to kill Homelander. Here he seems to have connections to just about everyone in the 60s and 70s Hollywood which helped him put Supes in good places to project their wholesome image through movie and TV deals sort of how they did in real life with musicians like Elvis and The Beatles back in the day.

the Boys Season 3 easter eggs

B​lack Noir

F​or three seasons now Black Noir had been a mysterious character. He was mute, and we never got to see him do much outside of Vought Tower. Noir would be sent on a few missions, but he was portrayed as a dark, martial arts, type of character much like Batman or Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe. In season 3 we finally get a look at who he really is. When we flashback to the 80s when Soldier Boy was still running his team, we see that Noir gets hurt during an explosion. This explains his silent nature and his mask covering his scarred face. Homelander and Noir end up fighting but it doesn’t end well for our silent friend.

I​n the comics his identity is actually totally different. During a storyline where Homelander attacks the White House and kills the President, it is revealed that Noir is actually a clone of Homelander. He was put in place in case Homelander ever went rogue. Noir is the only one who is supposed to be able to stop Homelander in that event. What they didn’t count on was that having to wait to kill Homelander only after given the order had driven him crazy. Homelander comes out on top in their encounter too but Noir puts up a really good fight.

W​hat The Boys Season 3 easter eggs did you see? Let us know in the comments.

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