Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Birds have to fly, fish have to swim, and Electronic Arts have to add expansions to The Sims 4. The 2014 social simulation has seen countless content packs added to storefronts, most adding back features from previous games with an updated twist. That is also the case for the new Werewolves game pack, which brings back lycanthropic Sims last seen in The Sims 3‘s Supernatural expansion.

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According to the official description, players who add the curse of the full moon to their Sims experience will be able to decide their werewolf backstory, join a pack of like-minded creatures of the night, and even find love at twilight at Howling Point. You can also explore Moonwood Mill, a new area filled with supernatural lore to discover.

As for the werewolves themselves, the new DLC trailer shows a definite visual upgrade since the days of The Sims 3. Less bestial and more bipedal, your new furry friends will fit right in with the new breed of Internet-savvy creatures that have likely already preordered this pack.

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The Werewolves Game Pack is a welcome addition to everyone who’s dug the last few expansions for The Sims 4. We’ve seen Vampires, Strangerville, and Realm of Magic in recent times, all content that can add together to make for a mystical life for any Sim. The pack comes to Steam, Origin, and Xbox on June 16 and is available for $20.

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