Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Simon Pegg, Star wars, Toxic fandom

Fandoms can be both positive and negative. They can bring so many of us together and tear so many of us apart. Fans of any franchise or big IP can very passionate, and sometimes that passion can go to very dark places. Simon Pegg, who is no stranger to major franchises, having been involved with Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, is declaring that one fandom is more toxic than others, and he’s putting that label squarely on Star Wars.

During an appearance on Sirius XM’s Jim and Sam show, Pegg was asked which fanbase has“the hardest plans to please.” The actor replied, “To be honest – and as someone who kind of was, you know, kicked off about the prequels when they came out, the Star Wars fanbase seems to be the most toxic at the moment. I’m probably bring very controversial to say that.”

I’m unsure if it’s controversial because if we were all honest with each other, most of us would label the Star Wars fanbase as the most toxic. Their criticisms go beyond the general content debate and somehow move into the very dangerous territory of inappropriate hate speech. I’ve seen many a racial slur made regarding certain aspects of this universe while the bullying from the fandom can also be significant if the narrative isn’t moving in the direction they want it to. Pegg is also speaking from personal experience because he says he has been a part of that toxic fandom himself at one point:

“I’ve apologized for the things I said about, you know, Jar Jar Binks. Because, of course, there was a fucking actor involved. He was getting a lot of flack and … it was a human being. And because it got a lot of hate, he suffered, you know, and I feel terrible about being part of that.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Pegg says that Star Trek fans have always been the most inclusive:

“I find that Star Trak fans have always been very, very inclusive. You know, Star Trek’s about diversity. It has been since 1966, it always was. There’s no sort of like, ‘Oh, you’re suddenly being woke now.’ Star Trek was woke from the beginning, you know?”

Pegg says that Star Trek has seen the progressive casting of non-white actors since its inception and when he pointed to Star Wars Pegg said, “Star Wars suddenly there’s, there’s a little bit more diversity and everyone’s kicking off about it. And it’s, it’s really sad, you know?” Sadly, he’s not wrong.

Do YOU agree with what Simon Pegg said about the Star Wars fandom?

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