Other cartoons and animation showed different attitudes toward emerging from the pandemic at SDCC. “Bob’s Burgers” Friday one-hour time slot at the Indigo Ballroom (Hilton San Diego Bayfront) was the screening of “Some Like It Bot, Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner” and “Some Like It Bot, Part 2: Judge-bot Day.” Fans also received pins which were passed out during the screening, but no talent showed up. That was similar to a reception for National Geographic where the main star, Chris Hemsworth, was present only in the video loop for his series, “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth,”  and the postcards advertising his new fitness program app.  

The following time slot for “Little Demon” did have a panel. “Little Demon” was part of the FX activation where the trailer screened in front of a shaded rest area and guests who didn’t win a bucket hat at the end of the activation, received a consolation prize of Little Demon hot sauce. If you’ve been waiting for the antichrist, or if you simply are or have a teenager in angst, FXX’s new animated comedy, may be for you. In the first episode, “First Blood,” Chrissy Feinberg (voiced by Lucy DeVito) is preparing for her first day in seventh grade, but things aren’t going well. She isn’t exactly one of the cool kids. She starts her period and also sheds some other blood. While she’s disturbed that she killed some other kids unintentionally with her satanic powers, she’s told, “Don’t let other people’s moral laws make you think what you did was wrong.” The man or rather devil in a man suit, is her father, Satan (Danny DeVito). Thirteen years ago, Chrissy’s mother, Laura (Aubrey Plaza) was impregnated by Satan, making Chrissy the Antichrist.  Satan isn’t disappointed that his offspring isn’t a “Damian” in  Delaware, because, “The future is female” and he tells her, “Together, you and I can create a future without rules.”  But Laura is also a badass who isn’t going to let Satan take over her daughter’s  soul without a fight. The father-daughter team of Danny DeVito and Lucy DeVito as well as Aubrey Plaza and creators Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner, Kieran Valla and executive producer Dan Harmon held a Q&A after the screening. The show premieres on August 25th.

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