Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

During this week’s ongoing RTX Austin convention, a ton of new information and news about various RWBY properties were announced, including an RWBY and Justice League crossover film.

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RTX Austin — which began today, July 1 — kicked off with some huge news for the RWBY community, including the reveal of RWBY‘s first-ever feature film — a crossover movie with the Justice League in partnership with Warner Bros. Animation.

The film will be animated and produced by the same team that produces RWBY, and will aim to introduce fans to an original crossover story when it premieres sometime in 2023.

This isn’t the first time that the worlds of RWBY and DC have collided, as an RWBY and Justice League crossover comic book series ran for seven issues in 2021 and garnered generally positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. As of now, there’s no information on exactly which characters will appear in the film, however, so fans will have to wait a bit for more information.

Alongside the news of a new film, RWBY Volume 9 was also given a sneak peek at the convention via a teaser trailer for the upcoming installment. RWBY Volume 9 will launch sometime in 2023, and will follow Team RWBY as they try to journey their way back home following the events of Volume 8.Check out the RWBY Volume 9 trailer below:

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Initially premiering in 2013, RWBY became a hit for Rooster Teeth, running for eight seasons and more than 100 episodes while also spawning a multitude of spin-offs, including various manga volumes and video games.

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