Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Taika Waititi worries about becoming obsolete

Director Taika Waititi has an Academy Award and Marvel Cinematic Universe credits to his name…but will he be remembered?

Live-Action Remakes Of Animated Films We Need (Non-Disney Films)

Disney started a new trend of remaking their animated films. What non-Disney animated films need live-action remakes?

Texas Chain Saw Massacre publisher: Don’t expect Chop Top or Lefty anytime soon

With two month months until release, those behind The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game are urging fans to enjoy what they’ll get.

Weekend Box Office: Spider-Man pulls in an impressive $120.5 Million

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse blew past expectations this weekend with an estimated opening of $120.5 million.

Barry Newman: Vanishing Point and The Limey star dead at 92

Barry Newman, the star of the iconic car movie Vanishing Point, is dead at 93. The actor also co-starred in The Limey.

Almost Famous: Cameron Crowe’s Masterpiece Revisited

We revisit Cameron Crowe’s seminal masterpiece, Almost Famous, the film which made Kate Hudson a household name.

Poll: Favorite Animated Super-Hero Movie

With Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse coming out this weekend and dominating the charts, we wanted to know what Animated Super-Hero…

Everything We Know About Dune: Part II

May thy knife chip and shatter. The sci-fi fantasy series known as Dune has long been a staple in sci-fi…

Tom Holland picks his favorite Spider-Man movie

Tom Holland selected a more recent Spider-Man movie as his favorite, saying he’s “proud of everyone involved.”

Netflix Chief Action Officer Arnie gives Chris Hemsworth advice ahead of Extraction 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking his job as Chief Action Officer at Netflix seriously, giving advice to hopeful action heroes.

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