Sat. May 28th, 2022

PlayStation’s Game Pass-like Spartacus subscription service has seemingly been an open secret and multiple sources have pointed to a spring reveal. A new report is now being more specific, saying that Spartacus will likely be unveiled next week.

Bloomberg’s newest update reports that Sony is prepping for the official announcement “as early as next week.” Given how next week is the last week of March, it seems more likely than not that the service would be revealed at the end of one month so it could start anew a few days later in a fresh month. And this might make more sense, given how it is said to be tied into Sony’s existing PlayStation Plus service. Sony usually announces its monthly PlayStation Plus games on the last week of every month and it might just be easier to get this announcement ahead of that lineup.

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The report also states that it will debut with “a splashy lineup of hit games from the recent years,” but no specifics were given. It also once again alleges that Sony will be combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now and will have multiple tiers. Some tiers will have catalogs of modern games and some will have games from “older PlayStation eras.” Bloomberg reported in December that these eras could be PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP, but some of the specifics (like what tiers get what games) might have changed in the months since as following reports have not been as specific. Bloomberg also said it received documents showing that the most expensive tier will even give users access to extensive demos and the ability to stream games.

However, users shouldn’t expect that PlayStation’s biggest exclusives will launch day one on the service in the future, as Bloomberg reports that it Sony is “not expected to feature its biggest titles on the day they come out.” This means games like God of War Ragnarök likely won’t be on Spartacus when they release. Microsoft, on the other hand, launches all of its first-party games, from Halo Infinite to Microsoft Flight Simulator, on Game Pass, which might put Sony at a disadvantage. However, if these multiple reports are accurate, Sony could leverage its back catalog in a way Microsoft can’t.

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Bloomberg originally broke the Spartacus news in December and other reports have corroborated it along the way. This latest report also corroborates what Games Beat’s Jeff Grubb said in late February concerning the tiers and what most of their features will be. He even stated that the prices could be $10, $13, and $16, but those have yet to be confirmed or backed up by another source. Grubb even said that those could be placeholder prices.

All of these reports are saying similar things, so it’s very probable Sony is preparing for an imminent announcement. It only needs a name, which somehow hasn’t been leaked yet.

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