Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

Since a remake of The Last of Us came to light last week, Naughty Dog has been eager to show off its visual upgrades. Several comparisons between the newly named Part I and the PlayStation 3 original and PlayStation 4 remaster show off new character models and improvements in details like beard density. Today, the developer showed off a brand-new model for the side character Tess that better represents her actress Annie Wersching.

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This change between the original PS3 game and the new PS5 remake makes it clear that Naughty Dog is more than willing to deviate from its original work regarding this special edition. Tess is taller than her old iteration and has a much wearier overall look. The world of The Last of Us is nothing to smile about, but the responses to this change in the replies makes it feel like the reaction from fans is a toss-up. Neil Druckmann, who was creative director on the original, also tweeted that this would “better show off [Wersching’s] acting chops.”

The Last of Us Part I is likely an attempt to please existing fans and give them an upgrade of the classic title and entice those interested in Joel and Ellie’s upcoming HBO adaption, too. The remake hits PlayStation 5 on September 2, which is well before the show’s 2023 release window and also probably far ahead of the mysterious Last of Us multiplayer game.

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