Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

As was teased, Firaxis Games has detailed how Spider-Man will play in its upcoming tactical RPG Midnight Suns. The web-shooting hero was the spotlight of the team’s most recent deep dive video, which broke down his special abilities and how he fits into the game at large.

Spider-Man is not a big damage dealer. According to the video, he mainly focuses on finishing off weakened or smaller enemies. However, he excels in other areas and is apparently rather skilled at environmental damage, attacking quickly, and getting around.

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When playing the Opportunist card, he can use two environmental attacks without draining resources and also gets two extra moves. His passive, which players can unlock by playing video games with Peter Parker at the home base, also has a chance to make environmental abilities free of charge. His Web Throw looks like it was taken right from Insomniac Games’ entries, as it webs up an enemy, whips them around, and tosses them, which does damage around Spider-Man and repositions the opponent, dealing high environmental damage along the way.

He has a few damage dealing cards, but they’re not something players can always use. His Strengthened card boosts his attacks for the turn, but that card cannot be redrawn in that match unless it is upgraded. Infernal Spider, his flashiest Rogue ability, lets him use his next three cards without taking up resources. It’s powerful, so much so that it can only be used once per match.

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Unless Firaxis bucks the pattern it has followed for this series, the next episode will be based around Doctor Strange. The studio released a short spotlight of the sorcerer, hinting at what he will be like on the battlefield.

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