Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Ms. Marvel is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the debut of her Disney+ television show, but she came to popularity outside the comics partially thanks to Marvel’s Avengers. Everyone who played through Square Enix’s superhero adventure saw Kamala Khan fight alongside her heroes for the first time, and the game is celebrating her leap to TV with a few in-game events for the hero.

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First off, anyone who logs into Marvel’s Avengers this summer will get free nameplates based on Ms. Marvel. There’s a new nameplate to grab each week, and the first dropped on June 8. The event ends on July 21. “Free” is also a lot cheaper than Ms. Marvel’s MCU skin that just recently came to the game.

Ms. Marvel fans will definitely want to log onto the game this week, as there are also sales going on for all of Kamala’s costumes in the store. Players can save 75% on variant outfits and 50% on all other cosmetics and then take those outfits on a test drive thanks to a quad XP boost for the character that’s currently ongoing. The quad XP bonus will last until June 16, which is the same day the sale ends.

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Both the sale and the boost ends on June 16, but users can still pick up new nameplates every week throughout July. Marvel’s Avengers players will have plenty of other opportunities to celebrate the MCU throughout the summer, as the Mighty Thor is on the horizon as a playable character. There are sure to be plenty of tie-ins to Thor: Love and Thunder to go along with the new hero.

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