Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Keanu Reeves, Batman, live-action

Given that we have already determined Keanu Reeves as the nicest guy in Hollywood, he should be given the choice to take on any role he deems worthy of his talents. The actor is currently voicing Batman in DC League of Super-Pets, but he’s admitting that it would be a “dream” to play the Caped Crusader in a live-action film.

During a chat with Extra, the actor was asked about possibly playing a live-action Batman after providing his voice for DC League of Super-Pets, and he would love to play the iconic superhero, but he does note that Robert Pattinson has the role currently on lock right now:

“It’s always been a dream, but [Robert] Pattinson’s got Batman right now and he’s doing awesome, so maybe down the road. Maybe when they need an older Batman.”

Keanu Reeves previously had the chance to play a live-action Batman in 1995’s Batman Forever. Reeves ultimately turned down the role, but he has since expressed regrets about not taking on the part. Val Kilmer would eventually secure the role in the Joel Schumacher-directed entry.

Keanu Reeves is consistently the subject of a lot of comic book chatter. Some fans want him to return as Constantine as that film has gained a cult following since its release. There has also been a call for him to join the MCU in various roles, including Wolverine. I really hope that he feels the love because he could easily board so many franchises because his fanbase is always rallying behind him to do so.

Would YOU want to see Keanu Reeves play a live-action Batman? DC League of Super-Pets hits screens on July 29, 2022.

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