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Jon Hamm, The New Mutants, Mister Sinister

The New Mutants was the final film in Fox’s X-Men saga, but it very nearly didn’t happen. After years of development hell and rumours of significant reshoots, Disney’s acquisition of Fox almost let The New Mutants sit on a shelf for the rest of its days. As we know, the film was finally released in theaters in August 2020… and promptly forgotten. As the X-Men will inevitably be reintroduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all that’s left of the Fox era of the X-Men is a series of possibilities. One of those possibilities is that Jon Hamm could have played Mister Sinister in The New Mutants, something that has been rumoured for years.

While speaking with Yahoo, Jon Hamm confirmed that he was going to play Mister Sinister in a post-credit scene in The New Mutants. Unfortunately, the film’s troubled production meant that the actor never got to shot anything in the role.

I never shot anything. I remember having a conversation with people: I’m a huge comic book fan, especially of the X-Men and The New Mutants, so I was excited to be considered. But these conversations happen and then life intervenes.

Despite a few teases, Mister Sinister never made his way to the big-screen; in addition to coming close to appearing in The New Mutants, the X-Men baddie was also intended to be a part of Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie.

Jon Hamm will next be seen in Top Gun: Maverick, the upcoming sequel to the classic Tom Cruise movie. Hamm told Yahoo that Tom Cruise walked right up to him on the first day of shooting and gave him a big hug. “He was like, ‘I’m so glad you’re here,’ which of course he doesn’t have to say! I’m glad I’m here — are you kidding me?” Hamm said. “I remember talking to him at some point on that first day, and I said, ‘This has to be so weird for you. You’re literally in the same place and in the same costume that you were in 25 years ago.’ And he was like, ‘It is weird.’ I’m glad that he recognized it!” Much like The New Mutants, Top Gun: Maverick has experienced its own delays, but Jon Hamm thinks Paramount has made the right call by waiting until theaters reopened for people to enjoy the movie.

Yeah, that’s how you want to see that movie: You want to see it big and loud, and blowing up in your face. You don’t want to see it on your phone, c’mon! And Tom, to his tremendous credit, is one of our few capital “M” movie stars, and he delivers. It’s exactly the sequel to Top Gun that it needs to be. There are great references to the previous movie, and yet it’s also its own thing. It’s really cool and delivers all of the excitement that you want in a movie like that.

Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters on May 27, 2022.

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