Fri. May 27th, 2022

Johnny Knoxville has been partnering with the world of World Wrestling Entertainment for a couple of months now, and the latest escalation of his feud with WWE superstar Sami Zayn is a major one.

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After Zayn allegedly obtained Knoxville’s phone number and began “stalking” him on Thursday with a bunch of calls and texts, Knoxville took things one step further. In a video from TMZ, Knoxville says that in honor of his own birthday (which is today, March 11), he would be sharing Zayn’s phone number with everyone, before the camera panned up to reveal a plane flying a banner with Zayn’s number on it.

“So yesterday, Sami Zayn got my personal phone number and was texting and stalking me all day,” Knoxville said. “So today, for my birthday, I am flying his phone number over Los Angeles. 407-574-1532. See ya at WrestleMania, Shnookums.”

Following the prank, Zayn took to Twitter to share the aftermath of the prank, with a screenshot of various missed calls all over his home screen, which also features a large photograph of Zayn himself.

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The two will face off in a match at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas.

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