John Boyega, Marvel, Star Wars

John Boyega already has one massive franchise under his belt thanks to his role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but that hasn’t stopped the rumours from swirling that he’s set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. John Boyega’s name has been brought up in regards to different roles over the years, and there have even been rumours that he’s already filmed a secret Marvel appearance, but it turns out that a Marvel role isn’t something the actor is interested in.

While speaking with Men’s Health, John Boyega commented on those frequent Marvel rumours, but said that it’s not in the cards for him, at least not now.

That’s not in the vision for me now. I want to do nuanced things. . . . I want to donate my services to original indie films that come with new, fresh ideas, because I know it’s real hard to top Iron Man in that universe.

Given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will likely continue for some time, I would imagine that there will be a role for John Boyega if and when he wants it. But the actor has plenty to keep him busy as he’s got three films coming out this year alone.

First up is Breaking, a thriller based on the true story of a Marine veteran who stages a botched bank robbery. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is slated for an August 26th release. Next up will be The Woman King, a historical thriller that tells the story of the Dahomey warriors, a fearless band of women led by Viola Davis’ General Nanisca. Boyega plays the conflicted ruler, King Ghezo. The Woman King will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year before hitting theaters on September 16th. Boyega’s last film of the year is They Cloned Tyrone, which he described as a “unique and strange story that blew [him] away.” Boyega stars alongside Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris, but the film will find him playing multiple clones ranging decades in age. It’s also the most fun he’s had on set for quite some time. “We were filming all over Atlanta, so you can imagine the energy,” Boyega said. “We in the strip clubs, we in the streets. It was a joy.

Would you like to see John Boyega join the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day, and if so, in what role?

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