Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Spoiler Alert may not be what you’d expect from the title. However, it may be the movie for you if you appreciate love stories that satisfyingly deal with humor and heartbreak. The film stars Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge as two people who fall deeply in love, only for one to face a severe illness. It’s a funny, warm, insightful love story featuring inspired performances from Sally Field and Bill Irwin. And it is also based on the novel by Michael Ausiello, who happened to live this real-life love story. It’s a tender, engaging film that nicely honors a sweet and heartbreaking romance.

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking to the incredible actors involved in the making of Spoiler Alert. First up with talked with both Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge about finding the connection and honoring the real-life couple. Speaking to the legendary Sally Field and Bill Irwin was an absolute joy. It struck me how such an incredible talent as Ms. Field has such a grounded take on her profession. And Mr. Irwin couldn’t have been kinder as he discussed playing a good-hearted father. And finally, we spoke to the man who lived it, Mr. Michael Ausiello. Hearing about his desire to tell a very personal and powerful tale was inspiring.

Spoiler Alert opens this Friday, and it’s well worth experiencing this sweet and tender tale.

By admin