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Friday Fright Nights

A full Free Movie of the Day is posted on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel every day of the week – but on Fridays things get a little freakier and a little more fun. Get your weekend started the right way by indulging in Friday Fright Nights! Every Friday, we’ll be taking a look at another genre movie you can watch in its entirety, free of charge, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embed here.

Two weeks ago, we chose writer/director Stephen Cognetti’s director’s cut of his 2015 found footage horror film Hell House LLC as the movie to kick off Friday Fright Nights with. Hopefully you liked what you saw in that one, because this week’s movie is the sequel Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel! As you can tell from the title, this one is largely set within the confines of the same spirit-riddled hotel that caused everyone so much trouble in the previous movie. And while we learned several lessons from watching Hell House LLC, there’s only one lesson to be learned from watching this sequel: Stop breaking into abandoned hotels that were run by cultists and have a gateway to Hell in the basement! How many movies have to be made about this before people will wise up about it?

Found footage franchises tend to fall apart rather quickly. Remember how poorly received Blair Witch 2 was? But Cognetti returned to the helm to keep this sequel on track and away from the Book of Shadows. Hell House LLC II does have something in common with Blair Witch 2, though. In both sequels, the characters have seen the previous movie. Here’s the synopsis for this one:

Eight years after a hotel’s tragic opening, an investigative journalist is convinced key evidence remains in the abandoned hotel. She assembles a team to help her break into the building to find the truth and shed light on the mystery.

Hell House LLC II Friday Fright Nights

Hell House LLC II stars Vasile Flutur, Jillian Geurts, Joy Shatz, Dustin Austen, Brian David Tracy, Kyle Ingleman, Amanda K. Morales, Laura Frenzer, and Tom Sibley, with appearances by Danny Bellini, Lauren A. Kennedy, Adam Schneider, and Alice Bahlke from the first movie. The names of the cast members aren’t quite as fun as the “Gore” and “Hacker” we got in the previous film, but there’s still some good, solid names in there.

This sequel felt like a step down from its predecessor to me, but as far as found footage movies go it still scores way above par. And when it comes to found footage sequels, it might as well be considered a masterpiece. So just like with the first Hell House, you might enjoy this one even if you can’t stand the average found footage movie.

So go ahead and give Hell House LLC II a chance. After all, it’s free!

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