Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

For All Mankind, season 4, renewed

If you’re a fan of For All Mankind, then you’ll be pleased to know that it has been renewed for season 4. The alternate history space race series was created by Ronald D. Moore, Ben Nedivi, and Matt Wolpert and imagines a world in which the global space race never ended. After the Soviet Union succeeds in putting a man on the Moon ahead of the United States. NASA aims even higher as the Cold War rivalry takes on a new intensity.

Ronald D. Moore told Deadline that he’s “thrilled that we get to keep going forward in this amazing story. Right from the beginning it was my hope that it would be a long, multi-year journey. It’s gratifying to see what we’ve done and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do in the future.” Ben Nedivi added, “The reaction to Season 3 so far has been incredible. I’m thrilled Apple is giving us this opportunity to continue telling our story. Ron, Matt and I have always had a long-term plan for the show and the deeper we get into our alt history, the more the audience will start to see that vision come to life.” After the first season kicked things off in the 1960s, the second season of For All Mankind jumped forward to the 1980s, with the third season jumping ahead again to the 1990s. Matt Wolpert confirmed that For All Mankind season 4 will bring things into the 2000s. Production on the new season will begin next month and will likely premiere on Apple TV+ next year.

The current season of For All Mankind finds the US and the USSR battling to become the first nation to step foot on Mars. Ronald D. Moore told Collider last month that he had originally envisioned a seven-year plan for the series, which could bring the series into our alternate future. That said, Moore can see the potential for the series to last even longer. “It’s become more of a moving target. And even seven years is not written in stone because we’ve talked about,” Moore said. “Now we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve seen potentials for what’s past season seven. I could see what season eight is and nine. Not to say that we have those pickups yet, but there’s an idea of how you could continue the show even past what we thought was sort of the logical ending of it. And it is a bit of a moving target right now.

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