Thu. May 26th, 2022

ComingSoon is excited to debut the Futra Days trailer for the upcoming time travel film, which will premiere at Cinequest on April 1. Written and directed by Ryan David, the film stars Tania Raymonde, Brandon Sklenar, Rosanna Arquette, Jordan Hearn, and Emily McEnroe.

“Traveling forward in time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as Sean Graves learns the hard way. He feels incomplete and stuck when his friend, Jessie, refers him to a medical company that has recently developed a process that allows future time travel,” says the synopsis. “Once there, he’s supposed to spy on Future Sean to determine if he should pursue a new romantic love interest. Even though he’s warned to not interfere with Nichole, Sean decides he has to investigate for himself the tension between the man who he is now and who he will become. Even more dauntingly, once Sean is sent back to the Past and Future Sean has to deal with the consequences of all the versions of his multiple selves’ actions.”

Check out the Futra Days trailer below:

Futra runs 98 minutes and is produced by David, Orian Williams, and David Zonshine.

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