Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

During an interview with ComingSoon, Entourage star Kevin Dillon said that he is constantly talking about rebooting the hit series.

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“I would love to do it, and I’m pretty sure everyone in the cast would love to do it and I’d push it all the time,” Dillon said when asked about the possibility of an Entourage reboot. “I’m right now at Action Park, I do a podcast called Victory The Podcast with Kevin Connolly, Doug Ellin, they’re both in the other room right now. Not a day goes by when I don’t say something about a reboot.”

Dillon continued, “So I would love to see it. At the same time, we did a pilot together. So me, Kevin Connolly, Doug Ellin, and Charlie Sheen did a pilot called Ramble On, which if it gets picked up, could be really cool. So we’ll see what happens with that.”

This isn’t the first time that Dillon has discussed a potential reboot, as back in 2020 he entertained the idea. It’s clearly been on the cast’s minds for quite some time, as the most recent entry in the franchise was the 2015 Entourage film.

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“The series draws on the experiences of industry insiders to illustrate both the heady excesses of today’s celebrity lifestyle, as well as the difficulty of finding love and success in the fast track of show biz,” reads the show’s synopsis. “Now that the boys are getting used to the perks of stardom, Eric, along with superagent Ari, keep Vince’s star rising while making sound decisions for a long-lasting career in a world of fleeting fame.”

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