Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

Six years on from its initial release, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 continues to receive new characters and updates for fans who can’t get enough ki blasts, mystical beans, and Kamehameha action. The role-playing game is getting two DLC packs, one of which brings some new characters like Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) and Vegeta (GT) into the mix.

The Legend Patrol Pack is the first one of these packs. It previously released on Nintendo Switch in 2019 and will hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on July 7 for $9.99. It includes the option to play through the campaign of the original Xenoverse.

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Conton City Vote Pack is the other expansion and is coming to all platforms on July 7. This separate DLC adds Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) and Vegeta (GT) to the playable roster alongside Dyspo from Dragon Ball Super. For those who aren’t up to the minute with their Dragon Ball knowledge, Dyspo is Jiren’s rabbit friend from the universe-shaking tournament at the end of Super‘s run.

Outside of paid content, all players will receive the following in a free update on July 6:

  • One new costume and accessory
  • Five Dual Ultimate Attacks
  • Three CC Mascots (including color variations)
  • Five Super Souls
  • 77 loading screen illustrations
  • Five Raid Quests
  • Crystal Raid: Dyspo
  • 68 Hero Colosseum figures

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Xenoverse 2 is bursting with characters from across the Dragon Ball universe, so it’s not surprising that Bandai Namco is even pulling from Dragon Ball GT for new inclusions. This version of Vegeta was the winner of a fan vote to release alongside the previously announced Dyspo and yet another rendition of everyone’s favorite Saiyan savior. The character pack comes with a mission that introduces them to the world of Xenoverse and continues the alternate universe time travel story of the game.

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