Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Carlos Takam may be 42 years old, an age at which most boxers would be long retired. But he stunned Olympic gold medallist Tony Yoka in Paris on Saturday, handing the French star a damaging second consecutive defeat.

But Takam wants more. He is demanding further big fights and called out Martin Bakole, the heavyweight who beat Yoka previously.

“The big lion in the forest is not going to leave his play for a little one,” Takam roared after his victory. “Is Martin Bakole ready? I want Sky to organise that fight.

“Martin Bakole’s like a little brother to me, like Tony.”

Takam was gracious after the fight. He had won over the crowd at Zenith de Paris with his performance, but objected to his new supporters booing Yoka immediately after the fight.

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Highlights as Carlos Takam faced Tony Yoka in a heavyweight clash in Paris

“I was not happy with that. Seriously that guy is an Olympic gold medallist. He was a world champion amateur. They cannot say that. You see when [Anthony] Joshua fights, everybody’s behind Joshua. They say, ‘Go, go AJ.’ That guy, he needs support, I’m a big supporter. I’m a big fan of Tony,” Takam told Sky Sports. “Because I’ve seen him grow up.

“I just want to say congratulations to Tony. Some people are going to say, ‘Yes, he lost, he’s finished.’ No, he’s not finished.”

He was however concerned at the result being a split decision, when Takam had appeared to dominate the contest.

“Of course, I was worried, because in the last round I hurt my shoulder. I could not move [his right arm]. I was like, ‘Oh it’s finished,'” he said. “Oh my God, what am I going to do? But I tried, I worked my jab, I worked my hook, my left hook. I tried everything to win that fight.

“I’m feeling good. I prepared really hard for that fight. I want to say in that camp, I worked like crazy,” he continued. “Tony I have respect for him.

“I’m really happy for that victory because it was not easy.”

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Carlos Takam says he put in the work to beat Tony Yoka and finished the final round with a shoulder injury

Martin Bakole has also proven himself as a world level contender.

He said he wants a big world title fight in 2023 and when asked about the big name he wants, replied: “Daniel Dubois.

“I sparred him twice and stopped him twice in sparring,” Bakole claimed.

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Martin Bakole says he wants a big world title fight in 2023 and would like to face Daniel Dubois

“He knows and his team knows, so I think I would stop him in the first or second round. I am looking to the WBA. I have the number two ranking. Why not Daniel Dubois because he is the regular champion right now?

“I am calling him out. I want him to be ready for me.

“I want that fight. I can’t wait. I wait too much. People are hiding away because they don’t want to fight me.

“I made the mistake of sparring them in the gym, but now there’s no more excuses.”

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