Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

While there has been criticisms of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis film, both Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley have praised the film, something that Luhrmann was extremely happy to see.

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Speaking to ComingSoon recently, Luhrmann was asked about how he felt when both members of the Presley family praised the film. To the director, it was “everything,” with Luhrmann specifically noting that he was nervous about how they would feel about the film.

“That was everything, that was everything,” said Luhrmann. “They don’t really control the estate, and I had some engagement with them some years ago and then, of course, [the] pandemic and trying to keep the film going. I lost contact and, understandably — and I cannot say it enough — I really understood that Priscilla would be nervous about what I was going to do, and could Austin do it?”

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Luhrmann went on to say that once she saw the film and had a positive reaction, she and the rest of the family embraced the film’s cast as family and that the pair have a close relationship now.

“So when she saw it and had such an incredible reaction, and then when Lisa Marie saw it and had an incredible reaction … I mean the whole family embraced us like a family. Once they saw the movie, it’s like they brought us into their world. Barbecues at Graceland. It’s a very close relationship now, the film did that for us all. And I think it’s brought them all closer together.”

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