Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Aliens: Fireteam Elite has been steadily getting support since its August 2021 launch. And Cold Iron Studios is continuing that support with the next update and DLC pack. The team announced the Pathogen expansion, which adds a new campaign that touches on the Engineers, as well as a big update that adds more robust cross-play functionality.

As revealed as a part of the IGN Expo 2022, Pathogen is releasing on August 30 and includes three new missions on planet LV-895. The trailer shows some of these levels in action, even the aforementioned Engineers and a handful of new xenomorphs. The trailer didn’t provide much on these enemies, especially the giant one it teases at the very end.

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The DLC also comes with an array of cosmetics and gear:

  • Eight new weapons
  • One new perk for each Class Kit that modifies the player’s main ability
  • 26 new weapon attachments that modify stats and grant special traits
  • Two new outfits (for all seven Class Kits)
  • Six head accessories for Marine customization
  • 21 new weapon colors and nine decals for gun customization
  • 10 new Emotes for interacting within Fireteams

While Pathogen will cost money, the features included in its upcoming updates will be free. An update is planned for July that will allow full cross-play across systems. The game currently has some sort of cross-play, but only through console families (PlayStation 4 players can play with PlayStation 5 and Xbox One owners can play with Xbox Series X|S owners).

The patch coming in August with Pathogen will add a Hardcore mode that will yield an “extreme survival challenge that will test their resolve and mental fortitude.” While that description is vague, the game’s website says it will include permadeath and “50 levels of difficulty.” The items unlocked in Hardcore are saved for future use and the mode will have a whole new suite of unlockables, too.

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Cold Iron’s roadmap ends in Q3 2022, meaning this could be some of the last content the game is getting. However, it does say “Year 1,” so the possibility of a second year might still be on the table. The other seasons have brought in a couple of new classes along with some weapons, cosmetics, and features. Most of the new additions have been free, but there have been a few premium packs, like the one with gear from the first Alien film.

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