Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Andrew Semans’ ruthless “Resurrection,” one of those “I’ll see whatever THAT guy does next” discoveries, is ready to further creep out audiences. 

The same can be said, albeit in a different way, for Lena Dunham’s “Sharp Stick.” 

Below is an alphabetical list of 10 movies that we can’t wait to see throughout the festival. Synopses are courtesy of the Fantasia Festival program. 

“Country Gold” – It’s 1994 and two country-music legends meet in Nashville. Troyal (Mickey Reece), an up-and-comer from Oklahoma who likes his steaks well done, and the washed-up, viper-tongued George Jones (Ben Hall), who has decided that he wants to have himself cryogenically frozen. The prolific Mickey Reece is back at Fantasia with his latest, COUNTRY GOLD, a darkly comedic sojourn into country music’s dark, dirty, and strange world. Brimming with stories within stories, flashbacks, musical sequences, and even an incredible animated sequence, Reece packs COUNTRY GOLD with delirious and delicious action. As it blends wilful American naivety with the ever-present threat of violence, the film has you at the edge of your seat, offering the promise of great laughs and catastrophic confrontations.

“Dark Glasses” – For high-end sex worker Diana (Ilenia Pastorelli, THEY CALL ME JEEG), being blinded in a car accident is just the beginning of her trauma. The white-van-driving psychopath who caused the crash, and has already murdered another call girl, is out to finish the job, relentlessly stalking Diana through Rome and its outskirts. And because she’s been harboring Chin (Xinyu Zhang), a young boy whose parents were also victims of that accident, Diana can’t go to the cops, who suspect her of kidnapping the child. So she and Chin have only each other to depend on as they flee through the night, trying to stay one step ahead of the maniac and facing other perils along the way.

“Dark Nature” – Joy (Hannah Emily Anderson, JIGSAW, X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX) is a survivor. After leaving an abusive relationship, she needs to regroup. Stricken with flashbacks of her volatile ex six months later, her best friend Carmen (Madison Walsh, DON’T SAY ITS NAME) encourages her to go on a retreat to heal. It’s no ordinary retreat—they’re hiking into the Rocky Mountains to face traumas holding them back. Led by Dr. Dunnley (Kyra Harper, ORPHAN BLACK), a specialist in helping trauma survivors face their demons, and joined by two other women, Tara (Helen Belay) and Shaina (Roseanne Supernault, THE NORTHLANDER), they all have to deal with a past. The trek into the wilderness might be the thing to help them move towards a better future, but Joy isn’t at ease and thinks her ex-boyfriend is following them. The women also find discarded items of past hikers on the path, and hear strange noises. Soon, vivid flashbacks and nightmares afflict Tara and Joy, and when Tara goes missing, Joy is convinced there’s something darker afoot, and the trauma they strive to leave behind is only the beginning.

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