Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

When Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016, one of the first things fans caught on to was Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven and her unique speech patterns. Speaking to Variety, the Duffer Brothers have expanded on why that was incorporated into the series.

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The question came up as part of an interview on the ongoing fourth season of the hit Netflix series, which dives deeper into Eleven’s backstory and shows her history growing up in a private facility around other children with superpowers. The Duffers were asked why Eleven seemed to have such a unique speech pattern despite having been around other children.

According to Matt Duffer, while Eleven did socialize with other children, her memory was affected due to her going into a coma and reawakening with no memory of her childhood.

“Well, she is being socialized the same way with the other children and then she goes into — and she does not remember any of this — she goes into, you learn a little bit more about this in Volume 2, I guess I’m revealing a little bit, but she goes into a coma, reawakens, has no memory of these events and then is raised in total isolation by Brenner, who doesn’t dare bring in another number, for fear of this happening again,” said Matt Duffer. “So he chooses to focus solely on her. She lives alone, in an isolated room. This is the Eleven that we meet in Season 1. Two years in isolation and really limited memories of what had happened to her. And so that’s one reason for the speech.”

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With two more episodes left of Stranger Thing’s fourth season — Volume 2 premieres on Netflix on July 1, 2022 — we’re likely to see even more of Eleven’s backstory pop up before all is said and done.

Recently, Stranger Things Season 4 set a record for Netflix, having been viewed for more than 287 million hours during the week of May 23-30. That’s not only good enough for the top spot of the week for Netflix, but it’s also more than enough to break the record for the streaming platform’s biggest-ever premiere weekend for an English-language series, which was previously held by Season 2 of Bridgerton (193m hours).

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