Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Steve Martin is denying any wrongdoing on the set of Little Shop of Horrors, saying he took great care to ensure there was no harm inflicted.

Faster than you can say “nitrous oxide”, Steve Martin has responded to claims that there was “horrid” behavior on the set of the 1986 musical horror-comedy Little Shop of Horrors, refuting what co-star Miriam Margolyes says was a miserable and abusive experience. First, they come after Martin Short and now Steve Martin – can’t we just have nice things?!

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Martin remembered the specific Little Shop of Horrors scene in question, saying, “When I first read Miriam Margolyes pejorative account of our scene in Little Shop of Horrors, I was surprised. My memory is that we had a good communication as professional actors…But when it is implied that I harmed her or was in some way careless about doing the stunts, I have to object. I remember taking EXTREME caution regarding the fake punch — the same caution I would use with any similar scene.” He added, “There was never any physical contact between her and me, accidental or otherwise, in this scene or any other we shot,” he wrote.”

Margolyes states, “I was hit all day by doors opening in my face; repeatedly punched, slapped, and knocked down by an unlovely and unapologetic Steve Martin.” Margolyes played Steve Martin’s nurse/secretary in Little Shop of Horrors.

In addition to Steve Martin, Little Shop of Horrors director Frank Oz offered his perspective, which sides with that of the sadistic dentist. “I always rehearse physical actions in slow motion…The scene was supposed to include a fake punch. It’s puzzling what she’s talking about. It’s not the Steve I know or anyone knows. He’s always been professional and respectful of everyone on all of my shoots.”

Frank Oz’s Little Shop of Horrors is an adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, itself adapted from Roger Corman’s 1960 cult favorite. Another remake, which could have starred Chris Evans, Taron Egerton, and Scarlett Johansson, has since been canceled.

Steve Martin is currently on tour with Martin Short with their “You Won’t Believe What They Look Like Today!” show. Season three of Only Murders in the Building is also airing on Hulu.

By Dave Jenks

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