Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Director Jon Favreau revealed a bit of information about the tone of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, the upcoming Disney+ series led by Jude Law.

How will Star Wars Skeleton Crew be like a Steven Spielberg movie?

In a discussion with Empire, Favreau recalled the tone that series creators Jon Watts and Chris Ford were aiming for with Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. Apparently, the duo wanted to make the show feel like an Amblin Entertainment movie, and in an interesting twist, ended up discussing the Amblin style with Lucasfilm president and Amblin Entertainment co-founder Kathleen Kennedy.

“With Kathy Kennedy running Lucasfilm, when Jon Watts and Chris Ford came in and talked about wanting to do something that feels like an Amblin movie and has that tone, it’s like you’re speaking right to the person who was there and knows the 11 herbs and spices that go into it,” Favreau explained. “So it’s interesting hearing them pitch it and how she reacts to that.”

Founded by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall, Amblin Entertainment is the production company behind such movies as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Gremlins, and The Goonies.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is created and executive produced by Jon Watts and scribe Christopher Ford, who previously worked together on Spider-Man: Homecoming. The series will take place after the events after Return of the Jedi. The project previously had the working title of Grammar Rodeo, which is a nod to an episode of The Simpsons that features Bart running away for a week with a stolen car.

The series is also executive produced by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and Kathleen Kennedy. Production on Skeleton Crew wrapped in January.

By Dave Jenks

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