Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Gael García Bernal stars in Marvel Studios’ recently released Disney+ special Werewolf by Night, and prior to his debut in the world of Marvel, he got some advice from a fellow actor also starring in a huge Disney+ series.

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bernal was asked about he and actor Diego Luna’s friendship, and Bernal noted that he actually received some advice about just how crazy the whirlwind of excitement and media coverage working on a big project would entail.

“We are doing something [Hulu’s La Máquina] together right now, and so we’re always kind of in touch with each other,” Bernal revealed. “It’s been great. He’s also been a point of reference to help me. When we were at the D23 conference, he was the one who explained to me what was happening because it was my first time. It was quite crazy. But it was fascinating to be around all these other projects and people, and doing a press conference and press junket, in a sense, with all these different films and TV series was incredible. I wish all premieres were like that where the films and series are combined. So it’s been great to have a good friend who’s also living something similar as well.”

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Bernal also joked later in the interview about swapping with Luna and invading the world of Star Wars while Luna takes to the MCU. While that isn’t likely to happen, the pair can at least lean on one another in their shared experience of acting in a huge franchise.

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