Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

After nearly a dozen films, Spider-Man continues to slay at the box office. A few years back, Spider-Man: No Way Home exploded with a $260 million opening, and now Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse just took in a massive $120M in its debut, marking an enormous jump from Into the Spider-Verse’s $35M opening, per Deadline.

Who saw this coming? No one. Most estimates pegged the film at $90-100M, but after a terrific $51M Friday (including previews) and a minor 28% dip on Saturday, Across the Spider-Verse swung past expectations and made a surprising splash. Worldwide, the pic collected $208M, including $17.8M from China.

Spidey amassed $20M worldwide from Imax, second best for an animated flick behind Super Mario Bros.’ $21M. How high can this Spidey swing? The next few months are jam-packed with potential blockbusters, namely Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, The Flash, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and Mission: Impossible — Dark Fate Part One. Can Spidey stave off the competition?

The Little Mermaid, meanwhile, dipped a sharp 69% and grossed $40.6M in its sophomore frame, increasing its domestic total to $186M. Worldwide, the Disney adventure has amassed over $326M (per

Box Office Results: Domestic Top 10

  1. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Sony) 4,313 theaters, Fri $51.7M, 3-day $113.5M/Wk 1
  2. The Little Mermaid (Dis) 4,320 theaters, Fri $11.8M (-69%) 3 day $41.5M (-57%) Total $187.2M/Wk 2
  3. The Boogeyman (20th/Dis) 3,205 theaters, Fri $4.8M, 3-day $11.5M/Wk 1
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, 3,580 (-360) theaters, Fri $2.9M (-48%), 3-day $10.2M (-51%) Total $322.7M/ Wk 5
  5. Fast X (Uni) 3,467 (-621) theaters Fri $2.6M (-59%) 3-day $9M (-61%) Total $128.2M/ Wk 3
  6. Super Mario Bros (Uni) 2,344 (-804) theaters, Fri $920K (-46%) 3-day $3.35M (-48%), Total $566.2M/Wk 9
  7. About My Father (LG) 2,464 theaters, Fri $580K, 3-day $1.96M (-55%), Total $8.6M/Wk 2
  8. The Machine 2,409 theaters, Fri $535K (-76%), 3 day $1.77M (-65%) Total $8.7M/ Wk 2
  9. Kanadahar (BR/OR) 1,737 (-368) theaters,Fri $225k (-76%) 3-day $750K (-68%) Total $4.2M/Wk 2
  10. You Hurt My Feelings (A24) 912 theaters Fri $195,7K (-59%) 3-day $692K (-50%), Total $2.9M/Wk 2

By Dave Jenks

Dave Jenks is an American novelist and Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Between those careers, he’s worked as a deckhand, commercial fisherman, divemaster, taxi driver, construction manager, and over the road truck driver, among many other things. He now lives on a sea island, in the South Carolina Lowcountry, with his wife and youngest daughter. They also have three grown children, five grand children, three dogs and a whole flock of parakeets. Stinnett grew up in Melbourne, Florida and has also lived in the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and Cozumel, Mexico. His next dream is to one day visit and dive Cuba.